The school provides morning and afternoon snacks for the children. Snack is set out on a special snack table and the children are free to serve themselves. Organic milk and water are always available to drink. We aim to have a healthy range of snacks. During special occasions healthy fun snacks with a coloured theme is provided. For example, on Valentine’s Day, raspberries, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, watermelon, red tortilla chips and baby bell cheese are among the special snack.


You provide lunch! Lunches should contain nutritious food; please omit any sugar-loaded treats and candies. Any food in your child’s lunch that needs to be heated up in the microwave can be placed in the small fridge kept in the cubby area. Please send these food items in microwaveable containers, recommended are glass containers instead of plastic. PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING!


To encourage independence at the lunch table, please ensure that your child can manage the food that he or she has. For example, cut the food into bite-sized pieces and send easy to open containers. Children are allowed to decide what to eat and how much as we feel it is important for the child to have autonomy over their meal. Whatever your child does not finish will be packed up and sent home . Small portions are best for small tummies.

Allergies and Food Sensitivities

We are a NUT FREE facility and ask that you not to send any food to the school that has any nuts. If you forget, the food will be removed from your child’s lunch and set aside to go home. Please note that many packaged items have nuts, so read labels carefully. We serve a soy butter and sunflower butter, that looks and tastes like peanut butter as an alternative. The children seem to really like it! We maintain a list of all the allergies and sensitivities of the children in our program and ask that you consider these when preparing snacks for the classroom for birthdays or special occasions so that no child is left out. Please ask any of the teachers for this list!