Parent Communication is a vital component to our school. We value the link between home and school and feel that this helps to create the best possible learning environment for your child/ren. We strive to maintain open communication between all the staff and parents and appreciate your feedback! There are a variety of ways we share information:

  • Emails from the Executive Director
  • Monthly Newsletters and Calendar
  • Daily messages on the Notice board
  • Sign in logbook
  • Notices in your child’s cubby
  • Communication from teachers to share any concerns or accomplishments

Ways for you to share information about your child:

  • Classroom cell phone, call or text for direct communication with a teacher
  • Email the Executive Director (this is especially helpful if you have more than one thing to share with the staff)
  • Speak directly to any of the teachers at drop off/pick up time
  • Information shared about your child through any of these methods will always be recorded in the staff communication book to ensure all staff members receive the message.

* Please note some conversations require more time so please arrange a time with the Executive Director for a one-to-one meeting! 

Monthly Calendar, Newsletter and Daily Notice Board

Teachers put together a monthly calendar outlining the activities and events for the upcoming month. This is put in each child’s cubby at the beginning of the month. The calendar lists daily and special events, your child’s show and share day, children’s birthdays, social events, board and staff meetings and other parent meetings or parties.

The Newsletter is emailed at the beginning of the month highlighting the past month and upcoming activities. The Daily Notice Board (white board in the cubby area) provides information about what is happening today and tomorrow and who is working that day! Please stay informed and connected by reading the Newsletter, Calendar and Daily Notice Board! 

Parent Teacher Conferences and Student Led Conferences

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES are held over three days in late November. A sign up sheet will be posted and each family will have 15 minutes to discuss their child’s progress. The time ranges from 3:30pm until 6:00pm to enable all families to have the opportunity to connect. Please ensure that you sign up for two time slots if you have more than one child in the school. The conferences are for parents only and your child will be supervised outside with the other teachers while you attend the conference with one teacher and the Executive Director. Leading up to the conference the teachers take time to make careful observations of your child and prepare a report which they go over with you during the conference. A copy of the report will be made for you to take home. 

STUDENT LED CONFERENCES are held over three days in late May. A sign up sheet will be provided and each family will have 45 minutes to be with their child who is very proud to share with you some of their favorite Montessori materials. This is a wonderful time for you and your child. The time ranges from 3:30pm until 5:45pm. Please ensure that you sign up for two time slots if you have more than one child in the school. We accommodate up-to three families at a time during this session.

Parent Meetings 

There are two parent meeting that require your attendance, the Montessori Parent Education Evening and our Annual General Meeting and we encourage both parents to attend. Please make alternate arrangements for your child(ren) as child minding will not be provided during these meetings.

Montessori Parent Education Night

This happens towards the end of September each year and is for current and new parents. The evening is informative and social. Come and share a glass of wine, nibble on a variety of cheeses, chat with your child/ren’s teachers and discover all about what we do and our plans for the upcoming year! An outline of the evening is below.   

  • Welcome  
  • Important Information and Highlights of the Year  
  • Teaching Staff Introductions  
  • French, Music, Yoga and Art Programs   
  • Montessori Materials Presentation: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Cosmic Education-Cultural Studies

Annual General Meeting

Another opportunity for socializing and learning about the running of the Montessori Daycare Society! One parent from each family is required to attend the Annual General Meeting held in the late October. On matters requiring a vote, each family is allotted one vote. An outline of the evening is below.   

  • Welcome
  • Introduction of the Current Board of Director’s
  • Chairperson and Executive Director’s Report
  • Financial Report
  • Board of Director’s Elections


Parent Concerns 

Should parents have any concerns or complaints during their time at the Montessori Daycare Society, the following process is to be implemented to ensure parents can safely raise complaints and concerns, be heard, and feel that they are heard. A parent with a concern or complaint must first raise those issues with their child’s teacher. If the parent’s concerns or complaints cannot be addressed at that level, then the parent will have a timely opportunity to meet with the Executive Director. If a parent’s concerns or complaints still remain unresolved, then they will have a timely opportunity to meet with the Board’s parent liaison person, whose task is to consider the parent’s issues and complaints, and the actions taken by the Executive Director, and to make further recommendations if necessary.

When a group of parents are raising organizational issues and concerns, they must first direct their concerns to the Executive Director and the Chairperson of the Board. A small Board task force will be created to meet with the parents, listen to their concerns, listen to the actions taken by the Executive Director, and make further recommendations if necessary. If a parent or group of parents informally or otherwise approaches a Board member to express concerns or complaints, then that Board member will: Refer the parent or parents back to this policy, to talking with the teacher first, and then the Executive Director, inform the Executive Director that the parent or parents did approach them and act with more urgency in informing the Executive Director if there appears to be higher levels of risks.