We are happy to celebrate each child’s birthday, as they are a wonderful way to introduce the child to time and history. The family usually provides a birthday treat on the birthday. In the past parents have brought a variety of treats such as fruit and yogurt, small muffins, fishy crackers and raisins, small cupcakes, cookies, Jell-O. Please keep sugar to a minimum and keep in mind we are a NUT FREE facility.

We recognize the birthday by singing a Montessori birthday song while the birthday child carries a globe around a candle representing the sun, one revolution for each year of growth. Talking about their yearly development. The birthday ceremony is held during the afternoon circle at 3:00 pm, and the birthday treat, should you choose to bring one, please consult a teacher about the best day to celebrate your child’s birthday.


  • If you do bring cake or muffins, please make sure it is relatively nutritious. Also be aware that the school often has children with allergies to nuts, wheat, dairy, sugar, etc. who may feel left out if they cannot participate. Please be careful to avoid nuts of any kind (this includes peanut butter). You may wish to check with staff beforehand so arrangements can be made for children with allergies.
  • If you would like to bring a snack to share with the entire group and it is not for your child’s birthday celebration, please check with a teacher before to ensure there is no special event already occurring.

Field Trips

The school arranges field trips during the year. It is important to dress your child appropriately for the outdoor weather. If we are having lunch while on our field trip, you will need to pack your child a picnic lunch that DOES NOT REQUIRE HEATING UP and one they can carry. Food such as sandwiches, vegetable sticks, fruit and a boxed beverage are field-trip fare. We require approximately four parent volunteers to accompany each field trip. If you can arrange your schedule to help us, we would appreciate that you let us know in advance. Children enjoy their parents’ participation and would love for you to join! Supervision counts as volunteer hours.

Show and Share

Each child is designated one day in the month for show and share; this is written on the calendar you will get at the beginning of each month. Your child is asked to bring only one item from home for show and share. We encourage families to help their child find something special to them and that may have educational value. Suggestions are: items that relate to what we are currently talking about in the classroom, something special they have made, a book to read or something that has caught their attention while out for a nature walk! The item stays hidden in the show and share bag while the child says the first sound of the object and the other children try to guess what it is! Then the child walks around the circle showing their object to their friends. They have the choice of whether or not the children are permitted to touch their show and share item or just look at it with their eyes. This is an excellent opportunity to practice listening skills, guessing skills, turn taking, patience, being respectful of other children’s items and for the child who is hosting. Show and share also provides an opportunity to practice their public speaking skills by sharing something important with their peers. The sharing bag is then put in the cubby of the child whose show and share day is coming up next.