Dr. Montessori discovered that children, like all humans throughout the ages have a need of mathematics, just as their language, to communicate in a very precise and exact manner. The Mathematical Mind is the aspect of the human mind, which is exact, orderly and precise. It is uniquely human and it is a capacity found in all human beings. It is the logical, reasoning part of the mind. It is the part of the mind that needs to quantify and to classify all it discovers. Despite mathematics being a language developed by humans as a form of exact and precise communication, the majority of people find it difficult. Dr. Montessori believed that this fact is in part because arithmetic is not as accessible to young children as language. This form of language gives exact meaning and precision to communication; it gives the child an additional domain about which he can communicate. Order is one of the most powerful forces dominating the child’s early life. The predictability, exactness and logic of mathematics feeds the Human Tendency towards order as well as the Sensitive Period for Order. The mathematical materials foster repetition, which is so necessary to absorb abstract operations through practice, leading to perfection. The child discovers the interrelationships between numbers and operations, through the use of the mathematical material. The mathematical materials are exact and precise, such that there is only one correct answer to a problem. Exactness is also denoted through the control of error and the orderly and sequential presentations. Dr. Montessori knew that it was essential to help the child prepare their Mathematical Mind and provided opportunities for this development in the Practical Life and Sensorial materials. When the child is ready to work with the materials in the Mathematics area we first introduce the child to the quantity before we introduce the child to the symbol. This is to ensure that the child fully grasps the concept and has a concrete understanding. The quantity is represented in a material that the child can manipulate rather than something to memorize. Manipulation of the material helps the child arrive at abstraction through conscious interest. Dr. Montessori also found the Mathematical materials to be the most popular and capable of inspiring enthusiasm, interest, concentration and repetition!