Family Celebrations happen throughout the year. This is a time where we come together as a community, to celebrate and share a potluck meal! There will be a potluck sign up sheet to write down what your family will contribute. Please note that siblings and grandparents are welcome to join! To accommodate the set up and preparation required for the evening the children are dismissed early at 5pm on celebration days. We aim to keep waste to a minimum so ask that you bring your own dishes and cutlery!

Halloween Party 5-7pm

Each year we celebrate Halloween with a lovely party in the evening. The expectation is that all parents, teachers and children will come dressed in a costume! We will share a meal together, marvel at our costumes, and towards the end of the evening the children will be gathered for a story while a treasure hunt is prepared for the children. Once the treasure hunt is complete we ask all families to help us clean up and put the classroom back together for the following day! 

Winter Party 5-7pm

Please join us in celebrating the season with a festive party. Leading up to the party the children will have been practicing numerous holiday songs to present to you! Once their performance is finished the children will listen to a story to past the time until Santa arrives! Be ready with your cameras, as each child will receive a gift from Santa! The evening will wrap up with a wonderful meal!  

Spring Party 5-7pm

Another time for celebration. This party happens in late March or April and provides another opportunity for your children to share their beautiful singing voices with you, connect, eat together and celebrate life and growth as spring blossoms.

Mother’s Day Tea and Father’s Day Coffee 7:45am-10am

The Practical Life Area of the classroom is transformed into a small café during Mother’s and Father’s. The children bake muffins, arrange the flowers and set the tables to create a special place just for you! Your child will escort you to the table and then bring you the menu to make your selection of either tea, coffee, latte’s or hot chocolate. Your child will serve you and then sit down to share this lovely snack with you. We will have our camera ready! This event takes place the Friday before Mother’s day and the Friday prior to Father’s day each year! Please mark your calendars to ensure that you are able to attend or send a grandparent, aunt or uncle in your place!

Year End Celebration and Graduation Ceremony 5-7pm

To mark the end of the Montessori school year and to celebrate all the children we have a special party! Each year the children who are graduating out of our program work very hard to put on a play! After the play all the families gather outside and where the Graduation Ceremony will be presented! At this time we also thank the Board of Director’s for their service and the teachers for all their hard work educating your children. It is a wonderful time to come together and celebrate all of our accomplishments and say good-bye to those families who will be moving on. It all wraps up with a delicious potluck meal!