Our goal as Montessori Educators is to listen to the needs of the child and to foster a community of learners. The daily routines at MDCS has a set schedule for Montessori work, circle times, outdoor play, lunch, snacks, naps, however with this said, there are times when the schedule may be altered in a day depending on the needs of the children. We strive to foster children’s independence and freedom within the classroom. As the school year progresses we will facilitate blocks of undisrupted concentrated work times as needed.

Circle times

  • Morning circle takes place at 10:00 am.
  • Show and Share circle happens at 12:30 pm.
  • Afternoon circle takes place at 3:00 pm to wrap up the day. This is also the time when we celebrate any birthdays or special events.

Outdoor Play

The children spend about 3 hours playing outside everyday. They are free to play with a range of toys, bikes, art supplies, or on the playground equipment. There is an outdoor playtime in the morning between 10:00 am – 11:30 am and an afternoon outdoor playtime after the Montessori program has ended at 3:30 pm.


Parents are expected to pack a nutritious lunch. The children are expected to bring their lunch boxes from their cubbies to the table and set up their lunches. After lunch, the children tidy their table and are encouraged to participate in the general tidying up of the classroom. After tidying up the children sit together looking at books until our 12:30pm circle time where we have show and share.


Nap time/rest time begins at 12:45 pm. Children who are not asleep by 1:30 pm come out of the nap room with the teacher. Children are left to awaken by themselves, to ensure they get enough rest, at which time they join the activities of the children who are awake. Naps last until 3 pm. Children who do not nap, work with the Montessori materials in the classroom. Please discuss with the classroom teachers should your child’s nap schedule change.